Teach With a Purpose


Teach With a Purpose, LLC

Teach With a Purpose, LLC was founded in June of 2006 for the single purpose of developing, marketing, and selling an online comprehensive web-based lesson planner.  By focusing on a single product, directing our efforts at its development and support, and minimizing corporate overhead, we deliver the maximum value to our customers.

Designed to help educators teach smarter in today’s standards-based classrooms. Built to save educators time so they can focus on lifelong learning experiences for their students. This privately-held partnership brings extensive experience in the education and technology industries

We always concentrate on support, both pre- and post-sales. Whether responding to an initial inquiry or a question from a seasoned customer, on the phone or in email, our technical support staff quickly deliver thoughtful answers. We know and respect the fact that teachers require a high level of comfort with the system that holds their most important asset – their information.


The Concept

Our software is the realization of a dream that began the day No Child Left Behind became a reality, and standards-based lesson planning was no longer just a good idea, but a time-consuming federal mandate. The need for streamlining the lesson planning process for school teachers was immediately evident to our founders. We began searching for a way to help teachers “teach smarter.”

Searching for a ready-made product that provided a simple answer to planning with the state standards, as well as the components of the Comprehensive Literacy Model, proved fruitless; so we got busy creating an electronic lesson planner ourselves. We soon realized there were other teachers struggling to meet the state and federal mandates and that our electronic lesson planner would need wings in order to reach them.

We have integrated the state and national standards directly into the lesson planning process using a dynamic search feature that allow administrators to run reporting at any time to provide the documented accountability schools need.  Our web-based software is always available, from home or school or even on-the-go using our mobile tools.  You are always on the latest version, and you never have to worry about software installations or incompatibilities.  Built to provide maximum flexibility with a minimum amount of work, we attain high performance from an intelligent implementation on top of a strong model, rather than thousands of features.  Do one thing, and do it well. This is a precision tool, made for schools filled with energetic, productive teachers.

Competitive Advantage

Our competitive advantage is our simple to use standards-based integration approach to lesson planning.  A major undoing of other systems is that users are given the choice: do it the right way, or do it the fast way. And often enough, instead of working within the system, they begin to work around it by writing their plans in a notebook, or not even writing them at all.  With our software, the fast way is always the right way.  Our web-based approach also allows us to adapt to change quickly, while also providing the transparent accountability needed in today’s classrooms.  We also use a “hooks and clamps” sales technique that allows us to adapt our software and integrate into the daily schedules of our customers.  By weaving ourselves into their routine processes, they will find it very hard to pick up and move to a different software package that can offer them the same tie-in to their systems that we can.

How I Did It

Built entirely from the ground up using PHP, MySQL, and jQuery – this software is designed to allow Teachers, Schools, and Districts to manage their Lesson Planning needs collaboratively online.

This is by far the largest and most expansive project I have ever developed and maintained. Not only was I the only developer starting out, but I was also responsible for managing the financial planning, recruiting, advertising, training – practically all aspects of the entire business.

From it’s humble beginnings as a simple online lesson planner, it has grown to include many various features including:

  • Common Core and State Standards
  • Personalized Website for each Teacher
  • A Lesson Plan Library Collection
  • Integrated Calendar Workspace
  • Progress Monitoring / Response-to-Intervention
  • Curriculum Maps
  • Attendance Tracking
  • Digital Forms Tracking
  • Detailed and Automated Reporting

Many of those features came directly from listening to the feedback from our individual users, schools, and districts.


What Sets Us Apart

Through rapid agile development, we quickly respond to the needs of our users
When we started developing this software, there was nothing out there that was available to teachers to help them with their lesson planning.  There is a lot of educational software out there, but the majority of it focuses on the student aspect.  Most of the software available to teachers is simply for tracking grades or attendance.