Hobson Preschool

Hobson Preschool - First Presbyterian Church

About This Project

After the great success I had developing the First Presbyterian Website, it was decided that I should also do a makeover on their School Program website as well.  They wanted a consistent look & feel between the two, but just enough different to set it apart.

How I Did It

I started by copying over the WordPress Installation and Theme from the First Presbyterian Website and tweaked it from there.

The overall requirements weren’t nearly as rigorous as main website, but I was able to implement a few nice options.  Instead of a full-blown calendar management system, we simply created a page with some stylized dates and information.  Same for the Newsletter and Registration Forms.

Another great thing about the development on this website was that they already had a lot of the content prepared for me from the get-go.   It’s all about the content.  Having that ready ahead of time allowed me to get this website up and running in less than a month.