First Presbyterian Church

First Presbyterian Church

About This Project

I had previously designed and developed the original website for First Presbyterian Church, Fort Smith – this project was a complete overhaul to implement a WordPress Content Management System, better support for their extensive Calendar usage, but mainly to freshen up the look and feel to make it easier for both their staff and congregation to navigate.

How I Did It

I started with a complete backup of their existing website.  I knew they would want to re-use a lot of their existing content and pictures.

I then performed a fresh install of WordPress and a placeholder template that would alert their congregation that a new website is coming soon.

I think it’s important that any time you have a placeholder, that it includes relevant contact or other information so people aren’t left in the dark while you are performing the upgrade.  I also included a link to their Facebook Page in the interim.

The first piece I tackled after the initial installation of the website, was to get the calendar handled.  Their previous web-calendar was clunky and had a nasty habit of losing all their data every few months (yikes!).  Good thing I’m a stickler for daily backups!   This time I wanted to make sure it was done right.  It was important that the calendar be able to do recurring events and a whole list of other features they needed. They were already using Google accounts for their emails, so it seemed like a nice fit to integrate a Google calendar.  I also took the extra step to configure their Microsoft Outlook to pull in the Google Calendar so they could more easily control the look & feel how it printed (above and beyond what Google allows).

I made extensive use of the available WordPress Plugin system to pull in widgets and other nice-to-haves to really polish off the website.  That’s definitely where WordPress starts to shine.