Dr. John Whitaker, MD

Dr. John Whitaker, M.D.

About This Project

In addition to doing website design and development, I also offer a routine computer care service, which includes basic computer repair and other software services such as making sure Anti-Virus is up-to-date, Anti-malware is installed and configured correctly, basic troubleshooting, Server Checks and Optimization and other various related services.

Sometimes, these clients also need Website Development as well.

The needs for this website were fairly simple.   Since Dr. Whitaker is a Pediatrician, I decided on a kid-friendly approach to the website with fun backgrounds and lively colors.

How I Did It

As with all my recent website developments, I started with a WordPress installation.  One of the unique requirements for this website – the client requested two functional menus.  One across the top, and another menu with a separate set of items.

The only other piece of information they wanted was a way for their website visitors to download various forms that they could print.

There are various other pieces of this website that they will hand off to one of their software vendors they rely on for their internal daily software needs who will take what I’ve started and expand upon it to integrate their own back-office pieces.