Clayton Scott

Clayton Scott

About This Project

Clayton is a long-time family friend that I had previously developed a website for in the past, but after a few years had gone by, his old website was starting to show it’s age.  He also wanted to implement a Blog and more robust calendar.  Also, he had recently developed a new one-man play, and wanted to use the website to showcase his talents there.

How I Did It

I started by creating a WordPress Blog and customizing a theme to meet his needs.  He had some specific requirements that he wanted to implement, so I needed something flexible.

The main focus initially was on the menu structure and flow of the pages.   I spent most of my development time on the “Down in Littletown” sections, as the play was going to be the focus of the website.
I always try to add my own little creative touches to a website, and Clayton’s page was no exception.  On the “Poems” page, I thought it would be neat to let people hear his voice, so we uploaded some MP3’s and I created a little interface to allow people to listen to some of his poetry right on the website.  He only wanted to provide 30-second samples of some, but we included the full poems for others.
I also created a page with some YouTube videos so they could see Clayton in action.