Tools of the Trade


In this day and age, there is no reason you can’t tilt the odds in your favor and be successful at whatever you do. There are so many resources, applications, tools, and technologies available to help you out. Here are just a few of the tools I use throughout my day to help me excel.

Git / Bitbucket – SVN / Beanstalk

Source-code control should be at the top of any developers list. The easiest way to manage code, collaborate, and deploy.

Multiple Monitor Development

Being able to develop on multiple-monitors is a powerful tool to enhance productivity.  I also recommend UltraMon to help with managing your various applications on your monitors.

gMail (calendar, docs, etc.)

More storage than you’ll (probaby) ever need, but you can buy more if you need it.  The search functionality is fantastic.  Labels!!!  IMAP !!!  Huge attachments.  Threaded conversations.  Access it from anywhere.  Reminders.  No more spam!


I have instant access to my email and contacts. I can stay in touch with my team via text messages and chat. I have a powerful web browser that let’s me access company and web resources. Using Siri, I can dictate messages and reminders while I’m driving. I can even utilize FaceTime to add a personal touch to a meeting.


The same powerful web browser, only bigger. With my stylus, I can take notes and have a complete history of all my notes at my fingertips. I can even upload those notes to my Google Docs and Dropbox folders. Apps, Apps, Apps. Apps for everything I need.

Stack Overflow

You’ve got questions? They’ve got answers. Even the answers have answers.


One of the best and easiest ways to manage your projects.


Great way to sync your files across various computers. If you have ever emailed a file to yourself, or used clunky old-fashioned FTP services to sync your files, then you need to switch over to Dropbox.

TechSmith | Snagit

Screen capture software is a must for creating powerful visuals and engaging documentation.


Always good to have some tunes to listen to when you are developing.


Remotely access all your computers from anywhere.


Webinars and Screen Sharing